Juli 28, 2020

Nomina Brings New Video “Fetish Daddy”

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It’s fairly rare for a musician to create a song that is both catchy, as well as meaningful, yet Botswana native Nomina manages to do just that. In her latest tract, appropriately entitled “Fetish Daddy” Nomina sings about a very real, very disturbing reality. Yet she does so in such a way that you can’t tear yourself away from the music.

It’s a clever method to raise awareness, by combining it with an attractive piece of music.

“Fetish Daddy”, as the name suggests, is a song about sexual abuse, and particularly about older men preying on young, vulnerable women. Set against the backdrop of lively Afro beat, “Fetish Daddy” leaves the listener with mixed feelings.

On one hand, we’ve got the tune itself, where everything, from the rhythm to the beats is happy, and seems positive. But then, you have the complex lyrics, which raise a serious question.

Naturally, the fine way in which Nomina’s beautiful, serene voice, and the music combine only adds to the appeal of the tune.

Last of all, there’s the music video itself which is… disturbing. It documents the experience of being a young woman in this situation. The video starts with interposing shots of Nomina herself singing beside a pool, and then shots of a young schoolgirl being picked up by an obviously older man, who then gives her money, and the girl delights in it.

It is that scene alone in the video that makes the viewer cringe, and that’s exactly what a powerful artist like Nomina wants you to do.

Nomina, who is the official ambassador for “United Nation World Peace Berlin”, has a long history of putting out songs that carry great meaning, and that raise awareness about delicate issues.

Her tracks “Don’t Cry Africa” and “Mamaland” both received tremendous success and shot Nomina to worldwide attention and fame. And now, she returns, with a new cause, perhaps more pressing and more important than ever.