Februar 11, 2020

Nomina – Fetish Daddy (official)

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This video was full of very positive people, i really felt the magic. You were all amazing in your own ways. So much dedication and passion is very rare. I am humbled❣️❣️❣️💪🏼So this is our result.. Fetish Daddy video.

Download & stream the 🔥🔥song 👇🏽 https://spinnup.link/290868-fetish-daddy

My humble thanks to: Video Director: Mula ViP & team

Cinematographer: Drino Age & team

Behind scenes: Thomas Mabunda

Dancers Choreographer: Khadija Sibiya

Dancers: Mpilo, Darnel & Bea

Main Actors: Mpho, Jerome Galiao, the beautiful school girls❣️

Actors: Kerapetse Seemule & Artwell Seemule

Management/Organisation: Khomotso Kelsall

Costume Stylist: Mr.Ted & his assistant

Make up Artist: Pinini Matjeke

Music Producer: Orchidan Waworka,

Nomina Interlude: Phyllis Josefine

Mixing: Rekesh Dukaloo (R.D.Musiq)

Mastering: Niko „Beatnok“ Pavkovic

Raw instrumentals: Engelyrics-Botswana

Script: Pamela N Lembert Sponser: Pamela N Lembert & Allrights GmbH