April 1, 2020

Lyrics&Threads – Nomina ‘Fetish Daddy’

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The mission of music, we believe, is not merely to entertain, but to tell a story, send out a message, draw attention to an issue in this world. Art is, by its’ very nature, a form of protest, but only the most skillful artists manage to create a song that both says something important, perhaps vital to the world we live in, but one that also retains that entertaining quality of a song (and doesn’t turn into a thinly veiled manifesto, which tends to put off the audience).

We had the hugely pleasant surprise of finding one such tune and artist in Nomina’s ‘Fetish Daddy’. Though the name itself might put you in mind of some giddy, easy fun, the song itself does not, but rather addresses the very real issue of sexual abuse and of girls and women being forced into relationships and acts that they do not desire. It’s a powerful tune and a necessary one in our world today, that much is clear.

But it also manages to be a fun one, not making one overly depressed by the subject, but rather empowering listeners, particularly girls. It does this, in part, through its’ upbeat, happy rhythm, and in part through Nomina’s classy, detached voice that subtly lets you know you’re in the presence of a truly class act.

What particularly stands out about Nomina’s ‘Fetish Daddy’ is that it’s a powerful song. It speaks of vulnerability, but it does not actually sound vulnerable, which is exactly what the subject matter calls for. Victims and potential victims don’t need a song that will bring them even lower, but one that does not feel invasive, one that makes them feel strong again, and Nomina does exactly that.

Her rebellious, defiant attitude, paired with the dance beats of the track make ‘Fetish Daddy’ the perfect  song for virtually any Spotify playlist – so skillful is she in mixing together multiple genres, from Afro-beat and reggae to pop and even a bit of R&B and soul.

With previous worldwide successes, such as ‘Don’t Cry, Africa’ and ‘Mamaland’, Botswana-born Nomina is now the ambassador for the “United Nation World Peace Berlin”, a position she fills with great skill and devotion, by constantly creating smart music that addresses heavy subjects in a light-hearted and fun way.

Link to article: http://nomina-music.com/lyricsthreads-nomina-fetish-daddy