Juli 7, 2020


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You are an amazing dancer? Then join the „FETISHDADDY DANCE CHALLENGE 2020“

And win an Amazon shopping voucher for $ 200,- or in cash. Be part of this freestyle dance competition & give your best to win.

And our bonus: The BEST OUTFIT also wins $ 100,-

How to win:

Subscribe to Nomina on YouTube, tag at least 3 friends and upload your video* (to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook) comment your videolink below & add the tag: #FetishDaddydancechallenge to your upload.

The video with the most views & interaction wins.

Deadline for participation is July the 31st, 2020

The winner will be officially anounced on Nomina‘s social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Nomina gives you an update every week on her channels Thank you for your great contribution! The more friends are watching this, the better are your chances to win😉 *And of course: Your video must be on a public account, so we are able to find & watch it! You get the permission to use Nomina’s „Fetish Daddy“ music for this contest. With uploading your video you give Nomina the permission to show your video to get the chance to win. #dancechallenge #win #fetishdaddydancechallenge