April 3, 2018

The Midweek Sun – „Nomina serenades local crowd during media launch“

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Motswana singer based in Germany, Nomina, gave a marvellous musical act at her media launch presentation this past Thursday at the Mop Restaurant in Gaborone. Members of the media, fans, well-wishers and musicians thronged in style and poise at the Riverwalk based restaurant for the launch. The diner’s young faced attendants provided drinks before the event could commence while stand-up comedy kept the early birds amused as they gulped on their beverages. The “Mama Land” hit maker Nomina, born in Zimbabwe and raised in Botswana’s capital Gaborone was last to arrive and the audience applauded her as she made her way in with her German manager Stefen Lembert.

The German based Nomina offering a mix of R&B, Pop and Reggae gave the sceptics a taste of their own medicine when she delivered a self-written composition of “Be patient Africa, your day will come” as the audience chanted along, a song Nomina said intends on showing the beauty of Africa. The media launch intended on selling the artist to Batswana ended up a showcase of her sweet voice as she made presentations. “I have a huge following from across Africa because my music relates to what represent the real African lifestyle not what is displayed as the troubled continent with no chance for human survival,” she said. Nomina further said that she believes Botswana has a lot of potential in the music fraternity citing that she has been following the entertainment acts of the Serowe-born celebrated ATI and was impressed with his art performances. She said she could allude to sitting on the edge of her seat every time the artist performs. For his part, Nomina’s manager Lembert said their goal too was to penetrate into Botswana’s music market and reach out to more Batswana. “We need to use the culture of this country and embrace it because it is beautiful and unique in its own way,” he said.

A media briefing put together by Gilbert promotions was graced by Brands Botswana director of international portfolio Gaorekwe Gaorekwe who encouraged Nomina to continue selling Botswana to the Germans through her art music which speaks in loud volumes for its real display of Africa. Making reference to the Mogobane shot video of “Don’t Cry Africa” which features Mafitlhakgosi traditional troupe, Gaorekwe said the artist’s music deserves to be used to sell the beauty of Botswana. The media launch ended on high note as the artist gave renditions possessing a heavy African percussion sound as the guests wined and dined the night away.

Link to article: http://www.themidweeksun.co.bw/vibe/article.php?article=1641


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