April 3, 2018

The Patriot – „Nomina promotes her singles“

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Pamela Notando Bhulu, who is affectionately known as Nomina, is a German based Motswana who is currently in the country to promote her two singles – How Could You Lie and Baby Love. Nomina is planning a big launch of her album in Botswana in the near future. She wants to share her music with Batswana because that this is her. Even though it might seem as if she long started music with her past singles garnering millions of views on YouTube, Nomina said it was only in 2013 that she started doing music. “I was very hesitant about everything in the beginning but then my support system influenced me way too much including my grandparents and they would even tell me that I could do it, and that is why I then did the Mama Land cover for Yvonne Chaka Chaka and it blew up beyond everyone’s expectation, she said. One of her greatest songs that enjoy massive airplay is titled ‘Don’t Cry Africa’ where she sings hope and new beginnings about Africa.

The video of the song was shot in Botswana.

“I wanted to shoot a video at home because I really don’t like how the western media portrays Africa because all they show is hungry kids and very disturbing situations. I cannot deny that those are some of the things that we are faced with as a continent but it is important that they show other places like Botswana which are very beautiful and peaceful,” she said. Nomina is very happy to be in Botswana and is already doing collaborations with locals “I want to expand my music in my continent and this can be done through partnerships. I will have some of the songs where I will be featuring even South African artists,” she said. Nomina said most of her songs are in English, but she tries by all means to mix Setswana and Ndembele and all the languages that she speaks. She emphasised that in everything that she does, she remains authentic to her roots, and is happy to see that not only does she have fans all over but there are many Batswana as well who recognises her music. She has faced many challenges to make a name for herself in Germany where she has grown her brand tremendously. She is currently in Botswana with her manager from Germany.

Link to article: http://www.thepatriot.co.bw/lifestyle/item/5180-nomina-promotes-her-singles.html


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