August 21, 2019

xttrawave- „Music Review: Nomina – Amadlozi“

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Music Review: Nomina – Amadlozi

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„Nomina blends her music with an abstract electronic composition of bass thumps and ambient drone, and blends it with a mix of hip-hop, R&B and Afro house music, which many would familiarize as Afro-fusion.

The German singer-songwriter from Botswana presents her new single “Amadlozi” which is filled with hazy synths and murky melodies. Nomina crafts something that is touching and tender and the results feel spiritually relevant and true to her heritage. She puts Africa at the root of this unfolding narrative while also pushing more traditional sounds forward.

Effectively, Nomina is showing that this isn’t going to be a bright and clear song, and buried deep in its darkened hue there are glorious melodies which you have to hunt them out. Or it could just be a musician enjoying layering broody abstract synths with stunning vocals to create something enjoyable.

Then the singer-songwriter starts to add abrasive edges that cut through the mist showing precisely what she is feeling at brief moments and reveals her true thoughts and revelations. So just when you think you have a handle, or hold, on what Nomina is conveying, she immediately shrouds herself and makes the audience curious again.

Accompanied by a music video that features worldwide on MTV, “Amadlozi” experiments on mystifying visuals to enhance the surroundings of her dream-like imagination. She creates her own sonic universe, and in the same way visualizing something simultaneously exotic, beautiful and breathtaking.

This becomes the first part of a sequence as Nomina plans to release her debut album I Found Myself. It’s hard to know whether she’s released the most cohesive and compelling song to date or that she plans to surprise listeners with more abstract and ethereal records. Either way, her new single “Amadlozi” clearly indicates a musical piece that’s easy to embrace and get excited about.“

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